Shibue Couture

Shibue Couture was born out of necessity when designer Jenny Buettner could not find an undergarment that did not show underneath her sleek silk gown. Every product on the market showed lines somewhere, whether it be across the hips from panties has touted “no lines”, or shape wear that pushed bulges out over the hips and the tights. After much trial and error, the No-Line Strapless Panty was born! Since the launch of its initial product Shibue has expanded to include new and innovate products that solve fashion dilemas. Shibue Couture prides itself on Women of all ages and sizes are encouraged to experience the new freedom offered by Shibue´s products!

Typically panties and thongs do not need instructions and do not need to be in any type of sealed bag or box but with hygiene as my top priority and with the possibility of dirty hands touching our panties and adhesive, I needed to make sure we kept our products sanitary. Additionally, I wanted to convey what the product was on the cover of the package. I wish I could say I got it right the first time, but the initial package was construed as being too sexy and bulky! So then we went to a slightly modified, more sophisticated version of the same look but in a more modern and streamlined package. It was better, but it was still deemed too sexy! Currently I have a cartoon version of a girl on the front of the package that seems to be more readily accepted. It would be nice if the current package could live on as it is now…but I know different! We will forever be modifying and redefining the packaging as we have continued to redefine panties!