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Hi Everyone

Seeing as our best seller and top rated product is the BREAST LIFT MEDICAL ADHESIVE TAPE,   I figured its time for a blog post to talk and explain abit more about it for the women out there that are still sceptical and not sure about starting to use it.

First of all I want to reasure you ALL as there are so many fakes out there for this product. That we are selling the REAL thing!
You can check it out on the official website as well which is ' www.byebra.com '

Bye Bra is an FDA approved medical tape.
What is medical tape? its the official 3M tape that is made for all the medical needed tapes bandages and plasters used in hospitals by doctors everywhere around the world. Which basically means you will NOT get a skin irritation and you will NOT get scars cuts or burns when puting the tape on or removing it.  
For more questions about the Tape and for all the FAQ you can visit this page here: BYE BRA FAQ


Now lets talk about how amazing it feels to go braless? Right!?

How amazing it feels to wear that low cut shirt in Summer? or a backless dress to a friends wedding? Not to mention if you are the Bride!? and you want to wear your dream dress but you need a bra as your breasts are not as they use to be when you were 16 ? I know all about it. I think all women do. 

How amazing it is that this product exists now. You can tape your breasts UP and they stay up! its Soft its comfortable and it works.

Here is a very cute Blogger talks about her experience with the Bye Bra Breast Lifts :

Now to all the women who just saw that and said "well her boobs are smaller" 
This is for you aswell!

Bye Bra comes in cup sizes A to H ! And yes it Holds and it stayes up. Here is a video from a UK girl talking about Bye Bra size F-H :


Please bare in mind that the first time using it it might take a few tries. There are 3 pairs in a  pack and you might go through all of them until you figure out where on your breast is the best place to stick and lift to. one the tape touches the skin the glue is gone it cant be taped a second time. So be patient with it and with yourself. 

It is NOT complicated.

Here is an instructional video for all breast sizes:

We are selling both Bye Bra Products and their South African version called Best Breast.

All these celebrity looks are now so easy to achieve with the Breast Lift Tape available ONLY on Tights Etc in South Africa.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. 
And to all the happy ladies who are buying this item again and again. Share your thoughts about the product.

 Be aware of counterfeiters of bra tape on amazon and ebay. The bra tape's which we provide to you are made from the best medical adhesive. The bra tape's (or breast lifts / adhesive breasts lifts) are made in cooperation with 3M and Bye Bra. 3M is the best producer of medical adhesive tapes. And Bye Bra is in our opinion the leading adhesive breast lift producer in Europe. Our bra tapes are tested by the test institute SGS. Unfortunately the concept is copied by Chinese factories and they supply their bra tapes via amazon, ebay or local resellers. The bra tape amazon provides and bra tapes ebay provides are very painful for the skin and contain ingredients which are for all kind of reasons (f.e. a higher risk to get cancer) not allowed on the market. Unfortunately ebay and amazon don't obligate skin tests. The bra tapes from Bye Bra and this website are classified by SGS as 'harmless' which means 'perfectly fine!'




  • Maria

    I am very intrigued and will be ordering them. I have to try this!!

  • Magindu Macai

    Love Love Love this tape!
    I can finally wear the clothes I want without worrying about my D Cup Boobs and what Bra Ill wear!

  • Lauren

    I wish I had these back when I got married. But am So enjoying them now !
    Best Bra less solution in the market hands down. Thank you !

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